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Have you ever thought of the impact a premature death would have on the ownership of your business? Who would inherit the deceased owner’s shareholding?

If the company did not have the funds to buy the shares, they could be inherited or sold to a third party who may have a different view and goals for the company than you.

This can lead to conflict within the business over the direction and strategic decision making.



Business Protection is all about protecting your business and making sure in the event of a premature death of a company owner, the ownership of the business is not diluted.


A Business Protection Plan is where the company effects a Life Insurance policy to cover the owners of the business. In the event of a death of a company owner, the Life Insurance cover is paid to the company.

We can assist in setting up a legal agreement between the company and whoever inherits the deceased person’s shares. This legal agreement ensures that the company can buy the shares from whoever inherited them, without any tax implications or liability on either side. This ensures the ownership of the company remains with the surviving shareholders.

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